Manjummel Boys Movie Reveiw


Manjummel Boys movie review: 'Manjummel Boys' is the highest-grossing movie in the history of the Malayalam industry. Rs. 200 crores collected. Released without any expectations, the film created a tsunami of collections. Produced by Soubin Shahir in a lead role. Directed by Chidambaram S Poduval. Ganapathy, Khalid Rahman, and Srinath Bhasi are the other main cast. Mythri Movie Makers dubbed the film in Telugu and released it on 6th April. Let's see how this movie fares in the review.

Director: Chidambaram S Podual

Starring: Soubin Shahir, Ganapathy, Khalid Rahman, Srinath Bhasi, George Marian, and others.

Manjummel Boys Movie Story

A group of friends from Manjummel, Kerala go on a trip to Kodaikanal. After visiting the temple, proceed to Guna Caves (caves featured in Kamal Haasan starrer Santana Bharti's movie 'Guna'). There a friend falls into a narrow valley in the caves. None of the people who fell in it came back alive, not even corpses were found, and the people there told the rest to give up hope on their friend. However, they do not move from Guna Caves. Finally, it is known that the person who fell in the cave is alive. Can he be brought out alive? Or? You have to watch the movie to know.

Manjummel Boys Movie Analysis

In the Malayalam industry, there are very few survival thriller genre films in Indian cinema when it comes to. There are many such films in Hollywood movies. Recent Prithviraj Sukumaran's 'The Goat Life - Aadu Biyan' is also a movie of this genre. Apart from Hollywood movies, the difference between 'The Goat Life' and 'Manjummel Boys' is... a native thriller touch!

The opening of the movie 'Manjummel Boys' was nothing short of spectacular. started normally. Two gangs in the village, fights between them and scenes between friends are nothing new. Everything is routine. After going near Guna Caves the real story started. Suspense after the man falls in the valley of the cave, what happens next? There is an interest.

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'Manjummel Boys' is a complete director's movie. It cannot be said that a particular person is a hero. Depending on the scene, each one is seen as a hero. Director Chidambaram has made it feel like it happened in front of the eyes after the man fell into the cave. A scene when a person from above meets a friend who has fallen down among the rocks is heart-wrenching. Starting a few scenes doesn't feel great. But the way it is connected to the ending scenes, and the way the song is used in Guna is simply superb.

Soubin Shahir, Ganapathy, Khalid Rahman, Srinath Bhasi, George Marian... each artist has acted well in the role. The production design, music, and camera work are extraordinary. Chidambaram's direction shines, especially in the scenes after the break.

It can be said that 'Manjummel Boys' is among the best survival thrillers in the Indian cinema industry. The first half is somewhat plain. Curiosity increases once you enter the cave. It will continue. Guaranteed a thrill for the audience worth the ticket price. Go and watch.


It can be assumed that 'Manjummel Boys' is one of the best survival thrillers in the Indian film industry. The first half is a bit boring. But, once the story enters the cave curiosity increases and It will continue. Guaranteed a thrill for the audience worth the ticket price. Go and watch.
Overall Score