Vidya Vasula Aham


Vidya Vasula Aham Movie Review: Vidya Vasula Aham – OTT Review! {2/5} Vidya Vasula Aham Movie Review: The movie is streaming in OTT from Aham with a marriage story. Shivani Rajasekhar played the heroine in this. Rahul Vijay is the hero. Manikant is the director. Let's see how this wedding story plays out for watching at home when single-screen theaters are closed in Telangana..

Film: Vidya-Vasula Aham 

Written -Directed by: Manikant Gelli 

Cast: Rahul Vijay, Shivani Rajasekhar, Avarsala Srinivas, Abhinaya, Srinivasa Reddy, Ravivarma Adduri, Kashi Vishwanath and others 

Music: Kalyani Malik 

Cinematography: Akhil Valloori 

Producers: Navya, Ranjith Kumar, Chandana 

Release: May 17, 2024 (Aha OTT) Rating: 2/5 

The movie with the story of marriage is streaming in OTT from Aha. Shivani Rajasekhar played the heroine in this. Rahul Vijay is the hero. Manikant is the director. Let's see how this wedding story plays out to watch at home when single-screen theaters are closed in Telangana...

The story 

Vidya (Shivani Rajasekhar), who works in software, is married at home and is crossing the threshold. It says that it is difficult to find someone you like. Vasu (Rahul Vijay), who has a small job as a mechanical engineer, is also postponing his marriage with the same opinion. Both are strangers and agree to marry when they hear a prophecy. But education imposes a condition. The boys who are looking for relationships are sent a question paper and the one who answers it correctly will agree to get married. 

So Vasu receives a questionnaire. She likes his answers and agrees to get married. She agrees to the marriage after talking directly in the marriage ceremony. After getting married, you have to give another list and agree to them. After confessing, she tells about the one who loved her unilaterally in the past. His ego gets hit by this, and so does her ego. In the same house, both face left. How is the problem of their egos solved now? How did you get back together? This is the rest of the story.

How is the story? 

Not a dynamic story with a contemporary issue. An old wedding story. There is no real conflict in the story. The reason for the point being shown as non-conflict makes her a conniving character. Once you get accepted with a questionnaire before marriage, what is the point of taking another questionnaire on the first night? Why did he give her a four-pencil signature? What should she say about her one-sided love on the first night? Why is he still in that house before he says goodbye to her criminal mentality? After his job is gone, what is the point of living depending on her? In the end, knowing that he is thinking of starting a business, what is the end of this story if she gives him a check? Doesn't that check look like she's giving him something to distract him from his old love? If Bakarala is playing with him so many times, why should he behave? Is there any meaning to the story and characters?

The director may not have intended such angles for her role. But if the story is written without thinking, her character turns out to be cunning. His character is made like a flower in his ear. Vidya has no ego, Vasuki has no ego - this story is just a criminal game played by Vidya with Vasu! The direction is not like making a movie with this story. It is lower than the TV serial. Standing and sitting characters are talking. The story is told with words, not with events. There is no motion in the scenes. So if you turn off the visuals of this movie and listen to the audio, it will make sense like a radio play.

And the roles of the parents of the heroines are an unnecessary weight to the story. There is nothing to do. All four come to see the new camphor. Whenever you come and see them, they sit on the sofas. The situation is not understood in the new Campuram. Anywhere, if both parents come like this, they will look at what is going on in the house and give advice. Sutras are said to further elevate the new camphor. Or if one is like a ray of sunshine in NTR-Bhanumathi's 'Vivahabandham', the daughter gets involved in camphor and sets the fire on fire. Such are lives. The director did not try to show these lives and drama. He pointed out something superficially and fixed it. Finally, the story ends without the parents knowing the problem of egos in the new marriage life. Hence these are unnecessary characters.

Performances – Techniques 

Shivani Rajasekhar's performance is the only attraction of this movie. No matter how the role is, the acting has improved this time. As there is no conflict and anger in the story, she acted the scenes delicately and like a novice and felt okay. But there is no question of emotion on the face of hero Rahul Vijay. There is no acting to bring life to the scenes he is in. Not technically significant. 90 percent of the scenes are indoors. These are still scenes without movement. You don't get up and run anywhere. They are sleeping. Kalyani Malik's music is equally weak. The question is how the youth will connect with the old formula story without making a marriage story with contemporary issues, and if the characters are made like this, the question is!