One Piece anime features Lucci's awakened Devil Fruit and it's one of the coolest transformations we've ever seen


Rob Lucci ate the cat fruit, model: Leopard. His awakened devil powers can now be seen in the One Piece anime and they are a blast.

The One Piece anime is currently turning up the heat again. After we were already able to see Luffy's awakened devil fruit in an incredibly staged episode, another person is now showing what she's made of. Fans can currently watch the 1100th episode of the anime. In this one, Luffy competes against Rob Lucci and now we also know what Rob Lucci's awakened form looks like.

One Piece: Rob Lucci shows the awakened leopard

What does he look like? The transformation into the awakened devil fruit form looks spectacular once again. Vincent Chansard, who helped with the fight between Blackbeard and Law and the first Gear 5 transformation of Luffy, is responsible for the animation of the episode. Rob Lucci is enveloped in smoke as he awakens his devil powers. He ate the Cat Fruit, Model: Leopard, which turned him into a giant leopard. You can watch the process in the following tweet:

It is noticeable that Rob Lucci's awakened form is not that different from the original. Here Luffy's transformation was much more stark. Lucci only changes his hair and gets a black mane of flames. He also has an arch of flames around him, which is probably typical of the awakened form. Luffy also has a bow like this but in the shape of a cloud. This means that the two opponents are on the same level.

Top-notch animations for Lucci's transformation in the One Piece anime

The creator of the tweet sums up what's so cool about the transformation quite well. The character behavior as well as the effects and animations look incredible. In addition, Lucci's transformation probably took on its own sound. One user believes that Vincent Chansard simply has a knack for Zoan fruits. He has already helped out during Kaido's fight against Yamato, where both of them transformed into their other forms. Kaido became a dragon, while Yamato became a dog-like creature.

Who is Rob Lucci? The Cipherpol agent was already a strong opponent for Luffy in Enies Lobby. But back then, Luffy was able to prevail with his Gear 2. He is currently a CP0 agent and is pursuing an important mission for the world government on Egghead Island.