Stranger Things 5: Will Eddie Munson return in the final season?


Joseph Quinn has released a suspiciously evasive statement about his character's return in Stranger Things 5.

Among the most painful deaths of all of Stranger Things is undoubtedly that of the character of Eddie Munson, introduced and then promptly eliminated in the fourth season of the show. One of the most loved by fans right from the start, his passing caused a great uproar on social media in which he was loudly mourned. Actor Joseph Quinn, however, does not rule out the return of his character in the final season of Stranger Things, the fifth.

Whether it's a real comeback or a flashback scene, fans would certainly welcome Eddie's reappearance with open arms, and perhaps it's not such a remote possibility. From a video published by Joseph Quinn Source UK on I'm Telling You! It's a good question." he said to his interlocutor. This is certainly not an official confirmation, but what matters is that Quinn has not categorically denied it, so some lights of hope still remain lit.

Joseph Quinn in Stranger Things 4 played a character who won the hearts of the public with his sympathy and his incredible courage: musician and leader of the Hellfire Club, Eddie bonded with the protagonists of the series and became their friend and protector, especially Dustin. In the finale, he sacrifices himself in the Upside Down to save Dustin and complete his mission.

Filming on Stranger Things 5 is currently in full swing and the first photos from the set have already been shared, one with David Harbor back in the role of Hopper, and another with Dustin immortalized with the iconic Hellfire Club t-shirt.

Not much is known about the plot of the final season, for which there is no release date yet, but the show's creators, the Duffer brothers, and Shawn Levy have declared that it will be "important cinematic storytelling", even comparing it to a film like The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King: “The ending will be like that of the greatest films we see at the cinema. It will have eight endings, like The Return of the King."